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San Juan de los Remedios

San Juan de los Remedios, better known as Remedios is a municipality and a city located in the northeast of the central province of Villa Clara, former province of Las Villas.
In 1980 its downtown was declared National Monument; there you can find several examples of 17th century Spanish architecture in good condition.

A bit of history ...

It was founded in 1513 by the Spaniard Vasco Porcallo de Figueroa, although it was officially registered in the year 1515. This is the reason why in the year 2015, the people celebrated 500 years of its foundation. This municipality is recognized in Cuba as "The Eighth Village" founded by Europeans.
The Remedians suffered the attacks of corsairs and pirates. After an attack by El Olonés, the town was divided, some wanted to move in land to the South while others preferred to stay and to face the pirates. Among the first citizens, a group of 37 people left San Juan de los Remedios and, in June 1689 they arrived at the place where the city of Santa Clara is settled.

Other tourist destinations nearby ...

Remedios is 5 km away from the northern coast of Cuba, 7 km by road from Caibarién and approximately 50 km from the tourist center of Cayo Santa María, where you can enjoy the wonderful sandy beaches that bathe the island. It is also located 44 kilometers from the provincial capital Santa Clara and at medium distances from Cienfuegos and Trinidad, 2 other important visitors' destinations.

Attractions of interest to the visitor ...

Among its main attractions, Remedios has the "Main Church San Juan Bautista" which has 13 beautiful altars covered with gold. This altars and other art works remained camouflaged under layers of painting for several centuries, to avoid their looting by the pirates, until 1944.
Another special attraction is its Central Square or Park facing the Main Church, characterized by its impressive beauty. Within the area of the square, there are architectural works of singular beauty, among which we can mention the Statue of Liberty, a direct witness of the time pass, the park dedicated to mothers and the park dedicated to remedian legends. Also in the area of the park and in other nearby areas, we can find different cafes that offer quality services to visitors, among which we can mention the Cafe Bar "El Louvre", the Bar "El Parrandero", the Restaurants "La Pirámide" , "Plaza del Cristo" and "Portales de la Plaza", the "America" and "Doña Lala" ice cream parlors and a specialized Cuban and Coffee sales house. For the visitor's nigth recreation, there is "El Golazo" nightclub with a bar included and gastronomic offerings, in addition to the "Las Leyendas" Cabaret, which offers various cultural shows.
Among the attractive museums that can be visited, within the one devoted to Parrandas. Parrandas are an annual celebration in the municipality, in which a valuable collection of models, photos, floats and square works are exhibited. The museum of Music "Alejandro Garcia Caturla" tells the story of this famous composer and musician. The museum of local History, has important collections that reflect the time pass in the town and is devoted to the Sugar Industry; you can ride on a train to access to the place.
Another important attraction that the villa offers is the Artisans Park, a place where a group of craftsmen of the municipality offer in good prices articles that reflect the deepest of the craftsmanship of the island.
It is important to add that in the Main Square there is a Wi-Fi hotspot that favors access to the INTERNET, in addition there are 4 ATMs that promote transactions with credit cards in Cuban currency and in convertible pesos, 2 banks and a House of Change for other operations with money and diverse stores that offer varied products.


Among the various traditions held every year in Remedios are the so-called "St. John", which are held twice in the year, June 24 (Nativity of St. John the Baptist) and August 29 (Martyrdom Of St. John Baptist).
Its Christmas festival: "Las Parrandas", which begin on December 16th and end on December 24th, is well-known all over Cuba, and it was declared one of the 3 national festivals in Cuba and recently named as Cultural Heritage of the nation. Parrandas celebration collide with the Christening Mass corresponding to the Ninth of Child Jesus. During this season, the city is divided into two neighborhoods, "El Carmen", also called Carmelites and represented by the hawk and "San Salvador", represented by the rooster. The apotheosis arrives on the last day when it takes place the competition of decked floats, fireworks and glittering-lighted towers around the square. The party starts at 5 pm and the celebration does not end until dawn.